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Funny jokes
Read hilarious funny jokes in Hindi with funny dirty jokes provider. We are here for you to provide the best funny jokes in Hindi to make you laughter. It is very difficult to make someone smile. Funny jokes is the best medicine for the heart broken persons. so visit here to get best collection of funny dirty jokes.

Question: “Why Do Girls Put On Weight After Losing Virginity?”

Answer: “Because, Every Banana Contains 108 Calories“

Three women were talking about their love lives. The first said, “My husband is like a Rolls-Royce; smooth and sophisticated.” The second said, “Mine is like a porsche; fast and powerful.” The third said, “Mine is like an old Chevy. It needs a hand start and I have to jump on while it’s still going.”

Majnu ne khuda se poocha: “Aye khuda tune ladki ki kamar kaisi banai mitti kam pad gayi ya rishwat thi khayi” Khuda ne jawaab diya: “Na mitti kam pad gayi na rishwat khai kamar dabai tabhi to chuchiyan (.) (.) Bahar aayi“

Two Girls Were Fighting.
1st Girl Said: “You Are A Whore.”
2nd Girl: “Did You Just Call Me A Whore?”
Then The Most Innovative Abuse In History Was Invented
1st Girl: “I Am Not Telling You A Whore But, If Dicks Had Wings Your Mouth Would Be The Busiest Airport.”

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